Key People

Key people :

Ramaniklal Mohanlal Capital Markets Pvt. Ltd.’s core management team combines the individual strengths of three directors into a committed management team with a shared vision. The directors of Ramaniklal Mohanlal Capital Markets Pvt. Ltd. are:

Samir R. Jhaveri B.Com.(Hons.),D.E.M.,G.G.(U.S.A.) having 31 years experience in Stock Broking Business, looks after Financial matter, Business Expansion and advisor of investment in stock markets and commodity markets.He is a good jewelry designer and has deep knowledge of jewelry valuation.

Anjana S. Jhaveri B.Com.(Hons.) having 20 years experience in Back Office Management. Handling staff matters, expert in new recruitment and negotiation also handling office management and records updating.

Dhananjay G. Upadhyay B.Com., G.C.D, C.C.I.T having 21 years experience in Market Operation, Accounts and Legal Matters personal relationship , handling clients queries and grievances also handling hardware and software related matters.

Corporate Member : Bombay Stock Exchange